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Instamundi is an innovative service aimed primarily at schools, museums, hotels and other entities that can benefit from making the service available at their facilities.

Promoting Instamundi's service and making it be tested by potential customers is fundamental and we are looking for motivated people capable of doing this kind of activity.


Maybe you can help us



We are not looking for full time agents but for people who work in the business, public entities, in the trade and who have a personal network that allows us to present Instamundi to structures that may be interested in subscribing to the service.

It shouldn't be necessary but it doesn't cost much to clarify that Instamundi is not a network marketing nor is it aimed at structures of this type.


If you are a 360 ° video creator and you live in one of the locations that we have not yet covered with our contents or if you are a traveler who loves shooting, contact us, we will provide you with the video specifications required by the Instamundi platform and the economic conditions for the use of your videos.