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With intsamundi you can visit the most beautiful cities in the world with the main museums, historical monuments, parks, and each location for which a place is known for.

What's instamundi?

Instamundi is the innovative platform that virtually allows to visit the most beautiful locations in the world.

It's very simple: just wear a special virtual headset and choose the place to be instantly teleported on the place of interest.


The virtual guide explains to the digital tourists facts and concepts more relevant that make these places so special.

The insta-tour

The insta-visits are organized by geographical areas and, once the virtual headset is worn and the city is selected, allow the viewer to virtually visit these prestigious locations.


With instamundi, the feeling is just to be on the spot: it's just like being teleported into a 360° documentary, instantly, without queues to see a museum, without taking a plane, a train, a taxi or a tour guide.


How it works

Instamundi is a service provided on a monthly subscription basis and addressed to educational, informational and or entertainment structures such as, for example, schools, universities, museums, theme parks and or instamundi-points.

The subscription is available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 channels that allow you to enter cities and locations of the Italian, european, anglo-saxon countries and the middle east, allowing the audience to experience different virtual experiences.


Each thematic channel is characterized by a list of virtual tours that are updated and made available on the platform every 3 months, in the style of Netflix.

What do you need to use instamundi


To use instamundi is requested:


● subscription to the service instamundi        [provided by instamundi]


● the purchase of the virtual viewer headset [provided by instamundi]

● access to the wifi network 


● a free space of about 1x1 meters (for each station is suggested a chair with wheels)